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NMIM organizers aim to provide an excellent international forum for interaction across the systems research community, appealing and useful to academic and industrial researchers, welcoming both students and seasoned professionals.

A list of Program Committee members can be found here.

NMIM promotes experimental and practical research and welcomes both academic and industrial contributions, including the following topics:

  • 1. Materials and Chemical Engineering
    Materials chemistry and physics, mechanics of materials, surface and interface of materials, ceramic materials, artificial crystal, and application of new rare earth materials, polymer materials, new materials development and molecular design, computational material science, material processing technology, materials science and technology, polymer materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, metal materials, advanced composite materials refractory material and hard materials, nano materials, biological materials, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, modern separation and analysis, biochemical engineering, anti-corrosion engineering, crystallization, distillation, electrochemical, natural product chemistry, fluid dynamics, energy materials, fuel cell, lithium ion battery, membrane, preparation, pharmaceutical engineering engineering, polymer, separation technology, bio chemical, catalysis and reaction engineering, chemical engineering, chemical synthesis, application Studies and chemical processes.
  • 2. Power Engineering and Dynamic Engineering Physics
    Thermodynamic theory and system simulation, thermal fluid mechanics and impeller machinery, combustion and emission control, powertrain and control engineering, thermal physical and chemical process of mechanical reliability, refrigeration and air conditioning in the use of energy, low temperature, system flow and heat transfer of coal combustion and multiphase flow thermal physics, fuel cell and gas turbine combined power generation oil, alternative and new energy vehicles, solar energy utilization and building energy saving, nano / micro conveying system and temperature control, biomass gasification and power generation, photocatalytic hydrogen generation and electric vehicle multi energy power control system, automatic control theory and technology, thermal process automation, modern test technology, thermal equipment and system analysis, dynamic characteristics identification and modeling, digital simulation, fault diagnosis of power equipment, process control strategy and control system research, modern computer Control system application, thermal power plant control engineering, thermal system optimization operation and management system R & D, new energy technology and utilization, heat transfer enhancement theory and technology, heat exchanger and energy saving, industrial thermal equipment and system performance optimization, biomass energy development and utilization.
  • 3. Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing Engineering
    Application of artificial intelligence, signal processing and information fusion, big data and cloud computing, robotics, system theory and control theory, system modeling and simulation, control system design, microcomputer control devices and systems, new power electronic devices, intelligent instruments, communication network system simulation and optimization control, modern production the design and manufacture of equipment, thermal theory and application, manufacturing systems and industrial applications, advanced manufacturing technology, bionic mechanism and bio manufacturing, integrated manufacturing system, the manufacturing process of the test, measurement and monitoring and control, industrial manufacturing system analysis and decision making, manufacturing and production process, material forming, material processing, intelligent computer aided the material design, high precision machining and testing technology, digital manufacturing and manufacturing management, e-commerce system, new mechanism And robot, drive mechanism, intelligent optimization design, green design and manufacture, mechanical dynamics.
  • 4. Other Related Topics